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There is more to the X1 Frame than you thought.
A versatile, Modular System built around one lightweight, portable frame.

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If you have ever dared to dream that something as simple and easy as an X1 frame could be so much more, then your dreams have just come true. The X1 is not just a frame, it is an ever expansive system. The X1 is THE Modular Solution to save you time and make you money.

Versatile Versatile
One frame will allow you to present many different graphic looks and treatments whether that’s SEG, xpressions® stretch fabric, non-stretch fabric, backlit, or non-backlit
Portable Portable
You already know how light and compact the X1 is. Cut back on the costs and hassles of big shipping crates.
Modular Modular
So easy to install, arrange your display area in original ways and set it all up in record time.
System System
High quality and built to last. Use it as a stand alone item or combine them to build out an entire display space.

The true identity of the X1 by Optima is a versatile Modular System that is compact and portable. You’ve dreamt it, we’ve built it.

If you want it backlit? Done. We’ve got that all worked out.
Monitor Mount?  Yes! 
Shelves?  Check! 
Shadow Box?  You got it!

Wrap up the X1 Modular System with 4K Printing Technology and you are going to have the prettiest display on the floor. Fast, lightweight, versatile. It’s easy on your budget, easy on your back and easy on your eyes.

Let’s talk about the possibilities and discover what the X1 Modular System can do for you.

Patent Pending

Let's See What Dave Has To Say

"What the heck is The One? The One in the X1 frame means that one frame will allow you to present many different graphic looks and treatments whether that's SEG, stretch fabric, non-stretch fabric, backlit, non-backlit, for the reason, addressing the problem that every exhibitor faces: and that’s time."

~ Dave Brown

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